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People Do Care

As a continuation of last week’s post, I had emailed some therapists. Right before that post went live, one of the four answered me, leaving a phone number to call them. This, of course, was daunting because of my phone-based anxiety, but I took it in stride and decided I was going to call on Monday.

Monday came, and I spent all day fretting about having to make the call. By the time 5pm rolled around, I opened my email application, ready to compose another message suggesting that they call me instead, only to see that they had responded.

I read your message again and noticed you have an issue with the phone. How does tomorrow sound?

This week, I learned that there are still people out there who care.

One of my largest struggles has been with interacting with others. In a lot of situations (notably while job hunting) making contact seems like I’m shouting into a void with no chance of ever getting a response. My anxiety makes me feel like I’m being a burden or annoyance to others, so getting a response like that, which was so understanding, is refreshing and helped me feel so much better about my efforts to seek help. Knowing that there is someone out there willing to pay that much attention to my message helped me realize that no, I wasn’t yelling into a void. There are people out there willing to listen, I just wasn’t giving them the chance.

The other impetus to seek help, the fight with my partner, was resolved this week. Things aren’t back to normal, but we took some time to talk it out and establish what the “new normal” for us might look like. I understand that all couples have to do this at some point, where they have to re-evaluate their relationship and set new goals and priorities. But I think we have things settled at least for the time being.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has helped me this week, even indirectly. One of the ways that I practice self-care is hanging around in the chatroom of a twitch stream. For those of you who aren’t aware, twitch is a platform where people can stream themselves doing things. The site is primarily used for playing video games, but there are other categories for things like art, content creation, and just to chat. The streamer I follow, weirdistbuilds, is a Fallout 4 streamer who I found after he managed to beat the game without earning a kill. Two years later, I am an active member of his community and a moderator on his channel. Watching him play and talking to him and the rest of his community helps me forget about the troubles in my life and the world at large and having that escape helps.

2 thoughts on “People Do Care”

  1. Oh yeah, I feel like job hunting is like throwing out applications into a void too. :/ It’s so tough and stressful! The process really tests your perseverance.

    I’m glad that the therapist understood your need! ^_^ Phone conversations are so nerve-wracking, yikes.


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